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Changing the Way We Think about Water

The way British Columbians think about water is rapidly changing. Climate changes and a growing population have impacted our government’s stance on water supply management. More and more people are relying upon domestic groundwater (well water) for their drinking water supply than ever before. When properly done by experienced, certified professionals, water well drilling results in a groundwater supply that is safer and cleaner than surface water on average. Aqua Drilling Services Ltd. is proud to be at the forefront of British Columbia’s well water drilling and exploration services.

A Leading Provider of Water Supply Systems

As a leading provider of water supply systems in the Cariboo Region, we are proud to offer our customers several competitively priced services completed on-time and on-budget, including:

  • Exploration drilling for domestic & irrigation wells
  • Specializing in well screens for maximum yield
  • Grouting/sealing well casings

Being a Responsible Private Well Owner

Modern wells are drilled using fairly complicated equipment – view our gallery to see the type of equipment we use. When you become the owner of a private domestic well, you become responsible for maintaining that well’s protection. Part of that protection is regular water testing to ensure the water supply is not contaminated. If you have any questions about maintaining your well, we encourage you to view our resources section or contact us to determine if well water is right for your water supply needs in the Cariboo Region.



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