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Aqua Drilling Services Offers Well Drilling in the Cariboo Region

Experienced in Well Exploration Drilling

When it comes to water well drilling in the Cariboo Region, Aqua Drilling Services Ltd. has the years of experience and manpower necessary. Whether you’re exploration drilling for a domestic or irrigation well, we possess the right equipment and knowledge of our region’s unique geology to get the job done to exceed your expectations. While we’re safety-certified well drillers, we also do a large amount of work for our area’s mines.

Over 1 Million British Columbians Rely on Wells

It’s been estimated by the Ministry of Environment that over 1 million British Columbians now rely upon wells to supply their drinking water. There are many benefits of well/ground water, including:

  • Better, safer drinking water quality – filtered without chlorine or other chemicals & is regulated by Ground Water Protection Regulation
  • It’s a plentiful resource – doesn’t evaporate as rapidly as surface water
  • Eco-friendly – doesn’t rely upon big water plants for the filtration process, which decreases pollution
  • Fiscal benefits – you may be eligible for tax breaks, along with not having to pay for city water service anymore
  • Its refreshing taste – many say the “softer” taste of well water makes it more refreshing than city water

Interested in Exploration Drilling? Contact Us!

If you’re interested in exploration well drilling in the Cariboo Region and would like to request an estimate, you may contact Aqua Drilling Services Ltd. via phone or email. We look forward to serving you!

Our Professional Affiliations Include:

British Columbia Ground Water Association (BCGWA) British Columbia Ground Water Association (BCGWA)

  •  Certified well drillers & safety-certified

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